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As you see from the picture, I used to be quite young! There I am at KIKM Sherman, Texas, living the dream.  Today I am a writer, personal coach and speaker.  

My goal is to inspire people to defy demands for conformity and unleash their splendid individuality.  

I am a spiritual humanist, a spiritual freethinker, meaning I believe in science, reason and rational thinking. These are the antidote to the oppression of most man-made religion.  

Yet I also believe in the original Source of life and nature and that the universe is not an accident. Evidence for this Source is in the existence of consciousness itself. Lifeless, unconscious matter did not combine through blind chance to create consciousness.  

The Source of life enxpresses itself through all living things.  Teaching our separation from this Source, or judgement from this Source, is the biggest mistake of man-made religion.  Ralph Waldo Emerson taught that the Source of life speaks to each person as their highest, truest inner voice.  That unique, personal guide is each person's soul, providing the right truth and wisdom in each moment.  

I do personal writing, personal coaching and public speaking on these questions.  Contact me to learn more.